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CEHA has over 200 members.  Some familiar faces have been CEHA members for years and others are newcomers.  EACH of you brings a unique blend of experience and interests to the association. Through your CEHA membership this diversity is woven together to create the fabric of our network–a network dedicated to supporting connections and building community.  We want to know more about our membership.

Liz Chapman

Explain why you value this person as a member of your organization or team.
I value Liz Chapman for her knowledge and dedication to the field of environmental health, especially in waste management.  Through her, the City has made great strides with community composting, zero waste special events, community recycling and many other waste reduction efforts.  Aspen is in better shape with waste reduction thanks to Liz and all her efforts!

Describe a project they are working on or a typical work day and explain their role in this work.
No day is the same at work for Liz. She juggles several waste reduction initiatives and    manages complaints as well as building permits related to waste management for new development. I would say she starts her day checking to make sure the City’s local recycling drop off center is in good shape for the week. She then moves into meetings related to community compost, construction waste, building partnerships with the local landfill and business community; throughout the day she takes calls from citizens asking when the next e-waste event will be, where one can recycle their Christmas tree (even though its March), and responding to illegal dumping calls in the downtown alleys.  She also provides support to her team vehicle idling surveillance, chemical management and anything else a team member might need support with including just taking time to listen.

Mention a capability or talent they bring to the table?
Liz brings valuable insight from her vast professional experience including a PhD in Sustainability Education!  She brings a thoughtful perspective to any brainstorming session.  But not be understated is her sense of fun and enjoyment in life. Ask her sometime about her costume closet.

Agency: City of Aspen

Job Title: Senior Environmental Health Specialist

Job Involves: Interacting with people to educate about systems and enforce the rules made to maintain a healthy environment, specializing in waste reduction programs and ordinances.

Education/Training: BS in Biology, MS in Environmental Science, PhD in Sustainability Education

Past Work Experience: 20+ years as an outdoor educator in Arkansas, Idaho, New Hampshire, and Colorado, as well as being an adjunct faculty at Colorado Mountain College and snowboard instructor at Aspen Skiing Company.

Favorite Part of the Job: Empowering people to make a difference.

Family: Married with two fur-babies (adopted dogs).

Personal Hero: Edward O. Wilson

Favorite TV program: Antiques Roadshow

No one knows that….. I have swallowed fire.

Craziest thing you have ever done:  Moved to Japan by myself when I was 19.

Ideal Job: One with a perfect balance of working inside, outside, alone and in teams, much like the job I have.

Favorite Things: My photo albums and my passport.

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