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Annual Education Conference Mission Statement

The mission of the Annual Education Conference is to provide high quality education opportunities while creating an environment that will develop, connect and build relationships between those who work collaboratively in the diverse sectors of environmental health.

63rd Annual Education Conference
Sept 18, 2018 Pre-Conference – Emergency Preparedness Tabletop Exercise
Sept 19-21, 2018 AEC

Growing Leaders, Driving Change



AEC Objectives

  • Provide high quality educational opportunities:
    • Research, network and strive to identify emerging environmental health issues and topics of importance to CEHA members and attendees.
    • Bring forth environmental health leaders to share their expertise and experience in an educational setting.
    • Provide interactive sessions for attendee participation
    • Provide education sessions that enhance and build the skills of the attendees.
  • Develop leaders and connect attendees:
    • Provide education sessions that enhance and build the leadership skills of the attendees.
    • Provide social opportunities for attendees to network have fellowship and share information.
    • Promote collaboration between environmental industry and environmental health professionals.
    • Stimulate and foster interaction among all conference attendees
  • Expand beyond the EH norm:
    • Challenge the process and bring forth new ideas.
    • Incorporate all aspects of environmental health and reach out to potential new members to expand membership.
    • Partner with identified organizations that enhance environmental health.
  • Ensure that the AEC is sustainable:
    • Utilize services, products and accommodations that support sustainability and minimize CEHA’s environmental impact.
    • Maintain emerging information and awareness of sustainability efforts with membership and attendees.
  • Make the conference unforgettable:
    • Provide fun activities and entertainment for attendees to unwind.
    • Ensure that the conference logistics enhance the overall experience.
    • Make the memorable happen!

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