2019 AEC available Presentation Archive

AFDO Tattoo Ink and Permanent Makeup Labeling Guide ♦ Co-Presenters: Laurel Arrigona, Jodi Zimmerman

Alexa, Should I Eat at Big Billy's Drive-In? ♦ Darryl Booth, B.S., MBA, Accela

Assessment And Abatement Of Mercury-Containing Rubberized Flooring In Colorado Springs School District 11 ♦ Kevin Storms, B.S. Chemical Engineering, Clarkson University, CO Springs School District 11

Bed Bugs Extermination For Residential Housing Investigations ♦ Carmen Short, REHS/RS, DDPHE

Got Pigs? Got Worms? ♦ Lane Drager, CFOI, BCPH

Hepatitis A Outbreak in Colorado Among People Experiencing Homelessness, Substance Use Issues, and/or Incarceration ♦ Nicole Comstock, MSPH, CDPHE

Strengths Based Leadership ♦ Audrey Valdez, FBH, CDPHE

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Partnering To Assess Environmental Health And Plan For The Future ♦ Megan Snow, MS, CHES, CDPHE

Three-Pronged Approach to Community Health Matters ♦ Panel: Michael Engebrecht, Su Korbitz, Shawn Mobley

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